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We believe in taking a proactive approach to your safety by minimizing the threat of violent behavior that could rapidly escalate into a deadly crime. With the recent surge in random school and public shootings in America, danger seems to be lurking around every corner. Our purpose is to provide your team with a crisis plan that will teach them how to recognize and respond to a potential violent attack or crisis event. We offer practical solutions that are centered around functional movement that will promote safety, increase motor skill proficiency and heighten awareness to help you and your team be better prepared and protected. Call today for your free consultation.

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  • Corporate Safety :
    "Rapid Escape to Safety" series is an up close in your face program that focuses on teaching people how to avoid, defend and escape a violent attack, no matter what. We do this simply by taking the focus off the attacker and redirecting the attention to you the survivor by learning to identify the threat, minimizing the injury and maximizing the damage inflicted upon the attacker. This program is about learning to survive when you need it most.
  • Crisis Preparedness :
    According to The Department of Homeland Security, the average shooter incident at a school last 12.5 minutes.
  • Rapid Escape to Safety :
    Every year millions of women, children and even men are victims of human trafficking. Lured often by someone they trusted and are coerced or forced into prostitution, domestic servitude or some other form of forced labor. If you suspect abuse, please report it immediately to your local authorities. You can make a difference. Learn how to rapidly escape today.

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